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Client Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying

Rachael Lindsay.jpg

"Dawn helps you find the best parts of yourself and gives them life, allowing you to grow and develop both professionally and personally.”
“At the same time, she allows you to face your fears and diminish the role they play in holding you back. Anyone who wants to thrive in their chosen career or business will fly with Dawn’s input. Having worked with her for several years, she has regularly made me feel great about myself and inspired me to progress believing anything is possible.”

Rachael Lindsay

Melissa Georgiou.jpg

“I’m a converted sceptic. When I first met Dawn, I never really believed being coached would help at all. I wasn’t in a great place career-wise but that all changed.”
“I am now doing exactly what I always wanted to do, and wouldn’t have done it without Dawn’s help. Dawn seemed to know exactly what was wrong almost before I spoke. She listened and it was clear she completely understood what I was experiencing.”
“More importantly, she showed me a way forward and didn’t just get me back to my old self, but much further forward than I ever was. If you are considering Dawn, then don’t hesitate. She’ll have you flying onwards and upwards!”

Melissa Georgiou

Rachel Hardwick.jpg

"I was absolutely inspired by Dawn, and she helped not only when I was working with her, but her impact still helps me now. She made me realise what I am great at and bring out all of my strengths."

"At the same time, she made me realise how hard I was being on myself and gave me the ability to side-step those negative feelings and focus on what I am good at."

"So now, when things aren’t going so great, I can instantly forgive myself and move on. I have to say that my life is so much more positive than it ever was, and that feeling is now sustainable."

"When I heard Dawn was running a 12 month programme to help people overcome their fears and play on their strengths, I immediately thought she is the best person for the job. Dawn inspired me and I’d recommend anyone who wants to move forward to sign up."

Rachel Hardwick

Penny Turton.jpg

“My experience of Dawn was profound. Yes, she helped me in business, but just as much personally. She was able to remove a number of blockages I wasn’t even consciously aware of. It felt like she lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.
“Afterwards, I felt lighter and more free and everything came into focus. She helped me rediscover my strengths and in particular my creative side. I felt far more relaxed and the clarity I had together with a sense of freedom helped me apply my creativity which I channelled successfully into my business. I recommend Dawn not just for your career or business success but also to help you feel contented within yourself.”

Penny Turton

Gill Lamont.jpg

“Dawn is an inspirational, empathetic and caring soul. I enjoyed every session with her as her ability to listen, understand my needs, address my fears and most importantly light the way forward was invaluable.”
“She has a fabulous aura about her, is warm, welcoming, open-hearted and she genuinely cares. She was able to help me find a positive way forward in challenging times thus helping me to believe in myself once more.”
“Whatever challenges you face, Dawn is certainly the person to help you find your spark and move you on to bigger and better things.”

Gill Lamont

Testimonials: Testimonials
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